Week 17, Before construction started

Week 19, Start of seperating wall

Week 20, Working on the seperating wall

Week 21, Progress..

Week 22, Plaster walls are mounted

Week 23, One layer is done

Week 24, Another layer...

Week 25, Plate work

Week 26, Plate work done; our lift

Week 27, Painting done; start of plumbing job

Week 30, Peephole and rooms

Week 31, The rooms

Week 33, Staircase is removed

Week 34, Carpenter work basically done

Week 35, Painting of rooms and first meeting at new location

Week 36, Plumbers move in

Week 37, First inspection

Week 38, Start of the wall building!

Week 39, Two boulder walls and a competition wall

Week 40, More of the same

Week 41, More walls and DUST

Week 42, Tearing down of climbing wall at Kochs

Week 42, Working on the blue and yellow wall

Week 42, David Grahame

Week 43, Start of boulder wall and training wall

Week 44, Boulder wall nearly done

Week 45, We are getting close

Week 46, Nearly there

Walls are done and we host the Boulder Cup