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Research concentrates on electrochemical digital simulation; that is, the solution of Fick's diffusion equation, with the special boundary conditions given by the electrochemical context. In recent times, some of the major problems have been solved, such as that of fast homogeneous reactions, coupled reactions, and stability in this context has been examined. We now have a handle on most of these problems and the publications list reflects activity on these fronts.

  • Digital simulation of thermal reactions D. Britz, J. Strutwolf, O. Østerby, Appl. Math. Comp. 218 (2011) 1280-1290.
  • The true history of adaptive grids in electrochemical simulation D. Britz, Electrochim. Acta 56 (2011) 4420-4421.

    Recent work is on surface concentration nonuniformities at an ultramicroelectrode. The work continues, and there was a small step outside the field in a collaboration with a number of others, mainly forensic and organic chemists, where the decay of a biologic substance was simulated in order to obtain the rate constant, see the recent publications list.

    The Fourth Ed. of our book, Digital Simulation in Electrochemistry now coauthored by Jörg Strutwolf, appeared in May 2016.

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